Lancefield Day Spa
facial treatments

Treat dehydration

75mins - $120

New Generation Hydroptimale TH3 will re-hydrate your skin & prevent water loss to create a healthier more youthful complexion. Designed to encourage your skin to preserve itself against time & aging.

Ampoule therapy facial

60mins - $78

Your therapist will prescribe a personally designed treatment, incorporating deep cleansing, an intensive ampoule complex & treatment mask. The skin is left feeling rejuvenated & radiant.

Vitamin C radiance

60mins - $80

A powerful vitamin C, antioxidant cocktail to restore a radiant complexion glowing with good health. Aromatic concentrated essence of orange, mandarin & lemon will leave your skin hydrated & energised.

Patented intensive treatment for younger looking skin

75mins - $140

Sothys new patented anti-aging treatment [c] Collagen Hyaluronic combines an exclusive cosmeceutical complex with anti-aging actives & is customised according to the specific needs of the skin at various stages of aging. Sothys has created its new cosmeceutical anti-aging program as an exclusive concept which relies on a professional diagnosis made by a Sothys Beauty Therapist to determine the real age of your skin, to offer an efficient, complete & totally customized anti-aging solution.

Seasonal skin care

40mins - $65

Skin care treatments attuned to the seasonal needs of your skin. Unique treatments for each season, always evolving, never the same. Treatments inspired by nature featuring a complex of seasonal fruits.

Resurfacing Peeling

60min - $100

Resurface, regenerate and renew with Sothys medical grade hydroxyl acid peeling treatment offering greater efficiency in exfoliation and cellular renewal in one treatment. Glycolic and Salicylic acid bonded to a sophisticated protein delivery system gives a controlled action i the skin with minimum irritation effects. Boosted with H2CR cellular regeneration complex and oxygenating actives, suitable for any skin type from aging to acne.

Beauty Garden

45mins - $58

Reveal the best from nature, Sothys organic treatment offers, a relaxing moment in time a “green” escape. Emerge with a supple, revitalized bright skin…relaxation & nature become one.

Homme - for men

60mins - $90

The ultimate treatment to de-stress the mind & detox the skin. A specially created massage includes the scalp neck & shoulders to induce a deep relaxation. Deep cleansing & hydration are the key objectives with a revitalizing peel off mask with ginseng & vitamin C to intensify the results. The skin is smoother, more youthful and the mind relaxed.


45mins - $80

For persistently problematic skin types that experience constant outbreaks, oily congestion, inflammation, infection, comodones, papules, pustules and an over all dull appearance. This treatment aims to aid healing,clear infection, control oil and renew the skin. A series of treatments is highly recommended for best results.